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Frequently Asked Questions

Are any fees due for listing items for sale on

You can list adverts in all categories without having to pay any charge or commission.

You are never charged a selling fee or commission.

There are some premium features that are optional that involve an additional cost.

These options give your advert an advantage over the free adverts.

How to start selling on

Please follow these steps:

  1. Register using the Sign Up link at the very top of the page.
  2. Activate your account using the link provided in the email we send you.
  3. Login to your account with the username and password you provided on registration.
  4. Click on “Place Ad”. Specify the details of your item. You can upload up to 5 pictures on every ad.

I have not received my activation email, what should I do?

  1. If for any reason you don’t receive your activation email, you can first check in your “SPAM” folder in your email client, such emails often stuck inside it.
  2. If after this you’re not able to retrieve your activation email, please contact our customer service agents from the dedicated link below, or directly at

I have received the activation email but the link is inactive, what should I do?

If nothing happens when you click on the activation link we provided in the activation email, please copy the link and paste it in the address bar of your browser then press Enter.

How do I change my phone number, email or other personal details?

In order to do that visit your “Profile” page and press “Edit Profile” right next to your name and avatar.

From there you can change your personal information, you can change “Name”, “Contact number” and alternatively you can add your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google+ profiles.

Note: You cannot change your email address for security reasons. The only way to do that is to Contact Us so we can do  that manually. Note that you need to have access to your old email in order to confirm the transition. 

How do I read my messages?

Simply visit your “Profile” page and select the tab “Messages”.

There are two options – “Sent Offers” and “Received Offers”.

Sent Offers” is when you contact other user regarding his/hers ad.

Received Offers” is when other user contacts you for one of your ads.

My listing is about to close but I cannot extend (re-list) it.

There are two ways to do that, first is to directly re-list it, but in this case you need to delete your previous ad from your account and then re-list it.

Second option is to buy one of our Premium Packages with “Bump-Up” ads, and just “Bump” your ad instead of re-list. 

P.S If you’re new joiner, you’re entitled to 1 bump-up ad upon registration.

I have sold the item I was advertising, how do I delete the listing?

Once you are logged in your account, you can go to your DASHBOARD at the upper right corner where your username stands. Navigate to “My Ads” where you can see all of your posted ads and delete your posted ad from the red “X” located there.

The second option is to switch the ad from “Active” to “Sold“, in this case your ad will be deleted after 120 days of posting, unless you “Bump-Up” (re-list it).

Do you have any video tutorials of how to start?

Actually yes, we do have our Youtube channel where we upload video tutorials, tips & tricks, announcements and many, many more. If you wish you can check it out and subscribe.

We do have as well dedicated page how to start up easy on out platform, you can check it here. 

How do I delete my entire account and the data attached to it?

Navigate to your profile “DASHBOARD” and press on the “Edit Profile” next to your profile picture.

From there simply navigate at the bottom of the page and choose “Delete Account?”.

Disclaimer: Once deleted, we cannot retrieve your account, nor the data associated with it, so make sure you know what you are doing.

For any other unanswered questions you can Contact Us directly.



NOTE: Our support timings are 08:00 to 17:00 UTC/GMT+0. You can expect response within 12-24 hours Monday to Friday.

We’ll respond to questions out of these times & weekends occasionally, but please don’t expect a response outside our stated hours.

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