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How to sell your car safely?

How to sell your car safely?

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Do you value your time? So do we, here are few of our tips and tricks how to sell your car safely and fast with small to none efforts.

1. First and may be the most important tip is to wipe the vehicle clean inside out.

Who doesn’t like to see a car clean? Spare few hours of your time to clean the vehicle both inside and out. If you don’t have the time, you can consider paying for valet, in this case you will spare some time from your busy schedule and leave the job to the professionals.

The things you need to focus cleaning are:


  1. Ensure the vehicle is washed regularly so it is ready for a viewing at all times.
  2. A quick polish can do wonders for the appearance.
  3. Consider touching in paint chips.
  4. If the paint looks dull try a paint restoring polish.
  5. Don’t forget to clean the wheels; nice wheels make a vehicle look great.


  1. Vacuum thoroughly.
  2. Seats: vacuum and, if even use shampoo cleaner if it is especially unclean.
  3. Glass: polish out the greasy film on the inside.
  4. Instruments and dashboard: thoroughly clean with a damp cloth.
  5. Smells: Empty ashtrays and air the interior out if necessary.

2. Make sure to check the mechanical parts of your car before start selling

We know it is tricky and in many cases expensive to do that.

“Why I’m going to check and fix the ignition or the transmission if I’m selling my car?”

But let’s be real here, the biggest and best-selling point you can possibly have is a brand new VRT certificate, a full-service history and up-to-date motor tax.

If your vehicle doesn’t have any of the above, the success is not impossible, but the offers you will receive will be way lower than you were hoping for.

2. Focus on Online Advert Appearance

Your advert is your first point of contact with potential buyers, so it’s important that it conveys the right message. Good practice includes the following:

  1. Exact type of vehicle: if it’s a Mondeo 1.8 GLX 5-door, write that – not ‘Mondeo GLX’
  2. Year: 2006
  3. Mileage: If your vehicle has low mileage, say how low
  4. Color: be helpful – ‘metallic blue’ means more to most buyers than just ‘blue’
  5. Tax & VRT: Say how much is left
  6. Service history: Don’t lie! If it has a valid recorded history, mention it. If it’s complete, display ‘full service history’ or ‘FSH’.
  7. Number of owners: Include if there aren’t many for the age of the vehicle.
  8. Features: Sell the great features on your vehicle – air conditioning, alloy wheels, electric windows, central locking and more to set your vehicle apart from the others
  9. Price: Buyers typically expect to bargain so if €2500 really is your final price, ask for a little more in the advertisement. But be realistic, check other similar vehicles on to gain an idea of the right asking price.
  10. Photographs: You can include as many as nine images in your advert which will make it stand out more and generate interest.
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