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What are Premium Services?

We introduce for you 3 different packages you can choose from.

These are Premium Services and they are entirely optional for any user.

You can advertise items for FREE on as usual, if you do not want to use Premium services.

What are the benefits of that Services?

Let us tell you what are the benefits choosing one of our Premium Services:

  1. You will have the option to choose between 3 types of Services (Single, Combo and Extra)
  2. Any of them contain different number of Featured Ads and Bump-Up Ads
  3. Featured Ads will show on top of every other FREE listings, and it will stay for period of 5 (Five) calendar days.
  4. The period to use your purchased package is indefinitely and never expire, so you can use it whenever you want.

How to use our Packages?

You can choose the right Package for you from the 3 (three) options below and SELECT one or few of them. Add them to you Shopping Card and Checkout.

You will have option to choose the preferred payment method, you don’t need to have account associated with Stripe or Paypay (our current payment processors on the web platform) to use their platforms.

You can use them with your Debit/Credit Card without the need to create account.

sale image

Single Ad

€ 6€ 9 Validity: LifetimeSimple Ads: UnlimitedFeatured Ads: 1Bump-up Ads: Unlimited
sale image

Combo Ads

€ 15€ 27 Validity: LifetimeSimple Ads: UnlimitedFeatured Ads: 3Bump-up Ads: Unlimited
sale image

Business Package

€ 20€ 32 Validity: LifetimeSimple Ads: UnlimitedFeatured Ads: 5Bump-up Ads: Unlimited
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