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The Safe Buyer’s Guide on

The Safe Buyer’s Guide on

Here is quick list of what to do and NOT to do as Buyer on our platform, so you stay safe and sound.

The things you should DO:

  • Agree shipping/delivery terms prior to payment. Get the seller’s name, address and phone number. Use Google Maps to verify their address if collecting.
  • Make sure electronic items work properly before handing over any money.
  • Check seller’s feedback on our platform, straight from his/hers profile.
  • Avoid meeting at unknown locations. If not collecting from home choose well-lit public are.
  • Make sure the item is really what you want. Although many will do so, private sellers are under no obligation to refund you if you change your mind.
  • Make a report at your local Police station if you experience serious issues with a seller.
  • Contact us on We are here to help you!

The things you shouldn’t DO:

  • Send Paypal as a gift. Even if the seller prefers it, choose to pay the fee and send as “Payment for Goods and Services”. This means you can qualify for PayPal’s Buyer Protection Scheme. The item must be posted with a tracking number to avail of protection.
  • Don’t send cash by standard post. You will not be covered for any loss ad will have no proof of payment in the event of a dispute.
  • Don’t send untraceable payments such as Amazon vouchers or Western Union.
  • Don’t buy if you’re not sure. Also, don’t buy any fakes or replicas. They might seem like great deal, but the quality might differ from the original and you will end up with waste.
  • Post personal contact details on the ad. We can help you editing or deleting comments with personal data, but they may still appear in search engine results.
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